Zoe – Behind Closed Doors…

Greetings, dear friends in The Land of Zen! The other day, I was thinking about something that causes me great stress. I wanted to share my thoughts here, because I figure some of you good people may relate. And maybe, if I am lucky, some of you may have a few words of wisdom to share with me.

Before I go any further, though, an introduction may be in order, although I find it hard to believe that I am not, by now, known far and wide.

My name is Zoe the Fabulous Feline, and I write about life with my human, Emily. No, scratch that (no pun intended). I write about my life and adventures, and, occasionally, Emily makes an appearance in my stories, as she will, briefly, in this one.

So . . . what I was thinking about is this: closed doors. And how much I detest them—not very Zen-like, I know.

Sometimes, when Emily goes into her room, she shuts the door tightly behind her. The minute I hear that sound, my ears go up and I go on high alert. For what or why, I don’t know. I am not sure I even have the words to describe the feeling that comes over me when I see closed doors. They bother me. They distress me. They . . . never mind; let me just say I have an intense dislike of them. In fact, the reaction they create in me is as strong as a life-threatening allergy. Seriously! I start to wheeze, my heart starts pounding, and my paws get sweaty.

I will run to the door, my imagination going wild. I will sit in front of that door, with all kinds of thoughts racing through my mind. Why is that door closed? What is going on back there? Is she selfishly enjoying treats in that room? Does she have another, more favored feline behind that closed door? It becomes my sole mission to get that door open, so that I can see—well, whatever there is to see. Which I am convinced is far more interesting than what I see on my side of the door.

So, this is how it usually goes: I scratch the door, gently at first. I cry, softly at first. If Emily has not opened the door after I’ve played both those cards, the scratching and crying intensifies incrementally until I reach peak and she reaches the end of her patience. She gives in and opens the door. Just like I knew she eventually would.

Listen, I know she sometimes needs her privacy. I get that. What I don’t get is why she holds out so long. I always win in the end.

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21 thoughts on “Zoe – Behind Closed Doors…

  1. Hi Zoe! Garfield here. So far my two legged hasn’t shut any doors on me except when she goes out. I am not allowed outside because of some things called coyotes. Inside she never shuts me out although I’ve been swatted with a newspaper once or twice when I get a little too pushy about my noon meal!

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    • Coyotes, huh? My human keeps me indoors because of some things called fleas. Don’t our humans know we can make friends with any living critter?? Oh well…back to the topic on paw…I showed your note to Emily, expecting her to feel reeeeeeally guilty about sometimes shutting me out of her room. I don’t think it worked, though. She said only this: “Please ask Garfield to tell Noelle that I have bought “Death in a Red Canvas Chair” and that I can’t wait to finish the book I’m reading now so I can get to hers. It sounds SO good!”
      That’s all she had to say to me! Harumph!!!!


    • So, Miss Robbie, do you think she does that deliberately? To get my interest, make me wonder?? I think she does it to make me crazy!

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  2. Perhaps it’s fear of the unknown, Miss Zoe. We humans suffer from this malady; and those who say they don’t are in denial; unless, of course, they’ve achieved enlightenment, which is a rare commodity. Instead of crying and scratching at the door, try knocking over something unbreakable that makes a loud noise, then hurry to hide by the door. You’ll be perfectly positioned to run into the room when Emily bolts out 🙂 ❤️

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  3. Dearest Zoe, as I am the only human in the house, without a cat door on my bedroom door, I receive the cries and scratches all the time. Due to my allergies, I cannot have our 3 fabulous felines in my bed… However I feel your pain and am thrilled that you are admitted without too much trouble. ❤

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  4. Hi Zoe – Snuffy here. My human went to bed so I thought I would read his email and your’s caught my attention. I have two humans and they too often go into the master bedroom and close the door. It took me a few tries, but I learned to open the door. It is really simple. Get on your hind feet and just pull the handle down. If your human’s door is a round handle, then start pawing at it until it moves. Like the lever handle, once it moves, push your body against the door. It will open, and you will gain access. That simple. Once inside you can make it known how upset you are because they closed you out of the room. My humans don’t close the door completely anymore. They know better. Good luck. Nice talking to you again. Warm regards, Snuffy

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    • Hello Snuffy, thanks for the tip! I think of it this way, though….if she can shut me out of her room, then I can keep her awake all night–or at least till she gives up and lets me in. However, your tip could be put to great use, because I would then have the element of surprise when I jump on her bed. That would be great fun!!

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