#194 – The Tale of a Story Never Told

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

​Once upon a time, in a world dense with even the most mundane of stories, there lived a story bursting at the seams to be told. For any decent story, however, it wasn’t enough just to be told, they had to be heard, and that’s precisely what this story wanted. The more people that got to hear a story, the better for the story, but most stories believe that being heard by one person is better than never being heard at all.

It’s difficult to describe the pain a story feels when it cannot be told, let alone heard, but it is a pain the builds up over time. Meaning that the longer the story goes without being told, the more painful it becomes. It is a sad day when a story that wanted to be told fades away into nothing, never knowing what might have been if it was…

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5 thoughts on “#194 – The Tale of a Story Never Told

  1. What a wonderful story that Gregg Savage wrote about a story, sadly, never told. This of course should let writers know that their stories are important and they should never doubt it. Thank you Chris for sharing this lovely post by Gregg Savage. I am now following him. 🙂

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