Killer Book Blurbs

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Often the first thing to catch a reader’s eye is your cover–does the image “speak” to them? is the title striking?

The second thing is usually the blurb on the back of your book. Now, if you’re traditionally published by one of the Big 5, they will handle this for you. However, if you work with a mid-size, small press or happen to be an Indie Author who self-publishes, you’ll know just how tricky getting the right words on the back of your book can be.

I’ve been following Katlin at Ink & Quills since she started her blog, and one thing I know for sure is that she takes the business of writing seriously and enjoys sharing her discoveries with other authors.

The “outline” below is a basic list of what to keep in mind when crafting your blurb. Just remember that combining intrigue and tension with crisp writing…

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