How to prevent social media ignoring your images

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Size and description do matter.

If the dimensions are under 250 x 250, some social media sites won’t pick it up off of your website. So don’t make them too small.  And if you fail to add information about the image, search engines can’t determine what your image is about.

Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the search engines can’t “read” the image itself, so ALT TEXT is important for ranking your images in the search results!

The image title can be helpful to the viewer as it could increase the understanding the image. It can also be beneficial to those who use screen-reading software such as those with vision impairments.

When a reader hovers over the image, the IMAGE TITLE pops up. This can be a great tool. You could put “Click for info” or “Click to buy.” Get the idea.

Here is…

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