How Long Should A Book Be? Word Count Guidelines by Genre – by Anne R Allen…

Follow word count guidelines to keep from snoozifying your reader. 

A constant complaint I hear from agents, editors, writing teachers, and reviewers is that they see too many manuscripts with inappropriate word counts.

If you’re getting a lot of form rejections or simply silence from agents, reviewers and editors, this may be why.

Word count guidelines have been trending down in the last decade. Most editors won’t look at a debut manuscript longer than 100K words—a little longer if it’s fantasy or a non-romance historical. They were not so rigid ten years ago.

Now publishers—and many readers—won’t take a chance on any long book by an unproven author.

While readers will happily plunk down the big bux for an 819-page book by George R. R. Martin, they’ll turn up their noses at a book that long—even if it only costs 99c—if it’s written by Who R. You.

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7 thoughts on “How Long Should A Book Be? Word Count Guidelines by Genre – by Anne R Allen…

  1. I remember when I started writing in 2013, this was the one thing I was worried about. I searched the internet looking for the answer and found one on Writer’s Digest by Chuck Sambuchino | October 24, 2012,that helped me get started. It was a great help to the new author. Now I don’t even refer to it but it was a great guide. @v@ ❤

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