Humans did this now let’s clean it up !

What have we got to lose if we do this?
What have we got to lose if we DON’T do this?

Phoenix Rainez

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  1. Chris, What a wonderful idea! So easy to do. Dave, my husband, as always picked up plastic bottles and/or other debris on the beach. There is usually a large garbage container in areas along the beaches, so, it is easy to do. ( I will go to the Phoenix Rainez blog and say thank you too!) Thank you for posting here Chris! 🙂

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  2. great idea Chris! Considering most of the garbage that’s thrown into the waters (fresh & salt) sinks we have a lot of work ahead if we truly wish to clean things up.
    I once read that the fellow who created plastic said on his death bed that he regretted do that,but also said that If it wasn’t him,it would of been someone else.
    Maybe one day when oil becomes so scarce we’ll harvest the floating plastic to reclaim the oil within?

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