Changes are Coming to WordPress

Oh oH – Heads Up Bloggers 😎

Perfect Chaos

If you’re as passionate about blogging as I am, you’ll be curious and concerned about the fact that WordPress are working on a “revolutionary” new editor. In the coming months, the way in which you compose your blog posts on is going to change quite considerably.

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12 thoughts on “Changes are Coming to WordPress

  1. Well, this doesn’t look like an upgrade,more a transformation.

    I looked at the vid embedded by Sound Eagle in the comments, which showed @mart10 explaining what Gutenberg is, how it might work, and why we might want to go there. I must admit, it looks exciting. I have to remember that my time should be spent in writing and editing and not revamping my websites, but …. two things that particularly excite me; 1) it looks like my book pages can be transformed to something really professional that will look good whatever screen the reader is using, and 2) it should save me time making my regular posts look good.

    But it’s going to need lots of thinking outside the box for those of us that have been blogging with WP for years.
    So start thinking now… if I could redesign my site from scratch, using all that I know now, what would I do with it?

    Then take a look at Gutenberg and see what you could do.

    Of course, we small people are still at the mercy of theme designers, probably. But you can always send your theme designer your wishlist….

    Jemima, dreaming of a new way of working…

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  2. I’d be happy if all these ‘new and improved’ updates came with an ‘opt-in’ option rather than a ‘what the bloody hell did you do with the one that worked just fine!!! Grrr’ option. but I suspect I am an anachronism in the brave new ‘update everything because we can’ world. 🙂

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