How do I win the battle of the keyboard? Advice from cat-owning writers needed

Please share your ideas with Bridget, in the comments under her original post 😀


Murphy is my new flatmate and we get on very well but one for thing…he thinks the keyboard is his natural home.

Murphy keyboard 1
It is a place to stretch and show  off his fine physique, his elastic body reaching all the way from caps lock on the left hand side to PagUp on the right. It is a perch where he can sit tall and proud watching the sea gulls squabbling in the street outside and the computer’s  screen is a toy that responds to every paw movement and swoosh of his majestic tail. More often, however, it is a simple refuge, a place where he can rest his weary head.

Murphy keyboard 3

But only when I am attempting to write…If I am absent from the computer so is Murphy. He has no interest in it unless I’m staring intently at the screen with my hands extended over the keyboard. Once that happens…

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  1. Guess what? My kitty does this, too. Usually just sits on the keyboard and puts a lot of dots in my sign in square. My old cat, Elijah Moon, used to stretch out beside the keyboard and purr. He had manners!

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