How to Find Unique Speaking Opportunities to Promote Your Novel…

By Erika Liodice  on Writer Unboxed

If the title of this post makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. Public speaking is often cited as people’s top fear, even over death. But if you calm your racing heart long enough to open your mind, you’ll see a world of opportunity awaiting writers who are willing to step out from behind their computer screens and speak about their work.

Have you ever seen an artist perform live only to discover a newfound respect for that person and a heightened sense of admiration for their work? When an author delivers a well-crafted speech to the right audience, it can have a similar effect on potential readers. Hearing you speak not only helps readers connect your face and personality to the name on your book cover but also gives them the opportunity to behold your passion for your novel’s subject matter, which can translate to book sales, valuable word-of-mouth marketing, and a following of super fans clamoring for your next book.

So, where does one find such speaking opportunities? And how do you compete against the pros who have been doing this for years? Opportunities abound when you seek out targeted speaking engagements with specific audiences that are most likely to connect with you, your message, and your novel. Today, I share how to find those unique speaking opportunities and what to do once you have.

Step 1: Determine who you want to reach.


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