7 Ways Authors Can Sell More Books At Conventions And Live Events…

by Kyle Burbank  on The Creative Penn:

While online marketing is the international indie author’s friend, it’s hard to stand out in a sea of thumbnails. Attending events in person can help you connect with other authors and sell some books in the process.

In today’s article, Kyle Burbank explains how he has used events to sell more books.

Everyone knows that, over the past several years, there’s been a major shift in the publishing industry that’s taken us from print to digital. As a result, today there’s something quite quaint about not only having a physical copy of your book but also going so far as to sell it to people in person.

In addition to the small signings, self-published authors may be able to arrange at local bookstores, another venue for mingling among the people and spreading the word about your book is at the numerous conventions, expos, trade shows, and other live events that take place each year.

In 2015, I actually took my then-brand-new Disney-centric book to the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California to sell. To say this appearance was a learning experience would be an understatement, although the results were still positive overall.

Thankfully, I was able to return to the D23 Expo earlier this year and try out some of the lessons I learned two year’s prior, while still continuing to evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

Given those experiences, I wanted to share seven ways you can find success selling your book at a convention, expo, or similar event.

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