Self-Publishing – You Don’t Have To Do It Alone…

by AC de Fombelle  on Just Publishing Advice:

Self-publishing, or independent publishing, is now often seen for what it is: an author deciding to take the reins and use the resources and tools available to publish their own book.

Technology and the evolution of publishing have made it possible for anyone to get their book out there for people to purchase and read. Yet, hasn’t something been lost in the process?

Where did the work of the publisher go? The editing, the formatting, the marketing…

While many authors do realize the importance of such elements in their book going to market, they often believe they should or are obliged to do it all themselves since they took the decision to self-publish.

This can be a daunting perspective, and so it should be! You can’t just make yourself a professional publisher overnight. It takes skills, expertise and talent.

Self-publishing requires a lot of learning, and authors need to know which solutions exist and the right way to go about it all.

Fortunately, there is lots of really useful advice online, in the form of videos, forums, communities and podcasts.

Experienced self-publishers spend a lot of time clearing the path and leading the way for newbies. Use it to your advantage!

While much can be learned, much can also be outsourced.

There are many professional designers, editors and translators waiting to discover your work and become a partner in your self-publishing adventure!

Self-publishing is about being in control




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