Moving From Createspace To Amazon KDP Paperback Publishing…

by Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice:

Createspace is coming to an end

If you have published paperback titles using Createspace, it is time to think about moving your books to Amazon KDP. (Kindle Direct Publishing)

There have been many problems with Createspace over the years.

Most of the problems have involved unfair electronic payment options for non-US authors.

Now, however, it is possible to publish your paperback titles directly on Amazon KDP and have your royalty payments collected and paid along with your Kindle ebook payments. This is a much more sensible way to manage your book sales and income.

While Amazon started offering paperback publishing some time ago on KDP, many of the Createspace features were missing. One of the most obvious was that you could not purchase copies of your book.

But recently, Amazon has upgraded its paperback services and is now quite close to matching the services Createspace offers.

What do you need to do to move your books from Createspace to KDP?

10 thoughts on “Moving From Createspace To Amazon KDP Paperback Publishing…

  1. This looks good so far. I have never used Creatspace – we went straight to KDP paperback, it looks like we will appeciate the improvements next time, but I see no mention of Australia. It’s expensive to post books or you have to wait till the next visitors from Australia are going back to make sure the relis get their gift books ( whether they want them or not! ) … and of course there’s no chance of Aussies you don’t know buying your paperback.

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