Copyright Infringement Issues: Internet Archive Still at It

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500px-Copyright.svgVictoria Strauss at Writer Beware follows up with her account of how she got Internet Archive to take down her copyrighted books. In her case, as in mine, it took a stern comment on their web site to get action, since the standard notices received no response. Her post includes a discussion of how the Archive’s actions in scanning books without permission and in some cases reformatting them differs from the actions of a regular library, which buys its books. She raises the issue of why copyright is worth protecting—and is not just a matter of greed on the part of authors.

I received a series of comments on this issue that introduced me to the Marrakesh Treaty, which allows authorized sites to provide books for print-disabled readers without author permission. You may find this news enlightening, as I did.

Check out the latest in this ongoing situation…

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  1. Gaaaah! To me this situation, as described in the posts, underscores the complexity of copyright and licensing laws internationally. As I see it what these organisations haven’t done is ask the copyright owner for permission – and if it isn’t given, not do the copying. It’s all about getting license to use the material. This is the essence of the idea of ‘copyright’ (and don’t get me started about the innumerable YouTubers who think that a sentence about who the copyright owner is eliminates their liabilities…) I really should do a post on it!

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