Don’t get scammed by companies like Reader’s Magnet

One of my author friends recently got a call from Readers Magnet – fortunately, she checked them out, then ignored them – so please be aware of this type of scam – and call over to the original blog post to reblog it and spread the word…

Inside the Inkwell


As I’ve mentioned previously, everyone wants to rip you off as an author by taking advantage of your hopes and dreams. Scammers make me sick. I’ve had a few calls from them lately pretending to be huge media companies that offer promotion for authors. These scammers do their homework, and so I assume they work on commission. They reference your book by name and will give it praise when they call and might mention that it was found by a Literary Talent Scout (as if those exist—agents and publishers get so many queries every day that they don’t need to go looking for talent! Talent goes to them. It’s a system that has been long established.)

I listened to the first guy’s spiel so I was familiar with it; they wanted between hundreds and thousands of dollars to do worldwide promotion on a book of mine that was far from…

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7 thoughts on “Don’t get scammed by companies like Reader’s Magnet

  1. Thanks for drawing this interesting post to my attention Chris. Reading the original article I am struck by the number of people who have their numbers publicly available thereby making it easy for this company to contact them. It is, of course entirely up to each individual as to what contact information they make publicly available. However my landline number is unlisted as is my mobile, and the only way people (other than friends and others I choose to divulge my number to) is via commenting on this blog or by sending an email to the address provided here. I do get scam calls but these are (almost invariably) from companies pretending to be my Internet Service Provider. My ISP has suffered data breeches which explains these calls. I certainly won’t be publicising my number. Kevin

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      • You are a wise man, Chris keeping your number out of the public domain. When I set-up I ticked a box saying that I wished to keep my personal data (address etc) private. I had to pay a little extra for this service, however it does mean that anyone seeking information on the domain will find that its owned by a US-based company. They will, however not find my address, telephone number etc. I mention this in case other authors are not aware that they can keep their details private.

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