How To Handle Recycled Characters #MondayBlogs #AmWriting #Writing


You’re busy writing your draft romance novel. Things were going well…until you started getting a nagging thought; there is something very familiar about your new fictional character.

You can’t put your finger on it. Why does it feel like you have met them before in another life? The hairs on your neck stand upright and a shiver shoots down your spine.

“Hang on,” you mutter, whilst staring at your laptop screen or notebook. “Have we met before?”

Loved ones and pets frown as to them you look like you are talking to yourself.

You scratch your head whilst your brain frantically starts to assess the facts; you created this new character only a few days ago and there was nothing strange about their character birth.

Hang on a minute…they did come to a life a bit too quickly, but you put that down to your genius imagination.

They take…

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