Why you should Read and Write Poetry…

By Dwight Longenecker  on The Imaginative Conservative site:

In this dull utilitarian age, there seems little less useful than poetry. What good is it? There are few who get rich writing or publishing poetry, and when it comes to practicality, it is practically good for nothing.

On second consideration, however, reading and writing poetry is extremely practical, and because our techno-utilitarian age is so focused on usefulness and economy, poetry is more vital than ever.

Where there is famine, food is precious.

So consider for a few moments the practicality of poetry. Reading and writing poetry is good for you. It’s good for your mind. It stretches your linguistic faculties in ways that pay off.

Here is why reading poetry is good for you:

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11 thoughts on “Why you should Read and Write Poetry…

  1. I tend not to read much poetry these days. However, the poems I read forty years ago are still with me and I ofetn recite them in my head at appropriate times. I also have a short list of those I want read at my funeral. Thanks for reminding us why we should continue to read poems.

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