The Ultimate Flowchart to Using Apostropes (Infographic)…

By Leigh Anderson  on LifeHacker site:

For some of us, grade-school grammar lessons haven’t stuck. I managed fairly well with my trusty Elements of Style until pretty recently, but the ongoing assault on grammar that is the Internet occasionally shakes my confidence. (Every time I want to type rein, rain, or reign, for example, I need to close my eyes and meditate for a moment.)

If you’re one of those people for whom grammar and punctuation don’t come easily (or aren’t a native English speaker), this handy flowchart from will come in handy: It will help you navigate all the questions that determine whether you need an apostrophe or not, from the big (Are you making something possessive?) to the small (Is it a single-letter word?).

Continue reading and see the Infographic HERE


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Flowchart to Using Apostropes (Infographic)…

  1. But it’s completely wrong–saying ‘it is’ or even ‘it has’ is not a ‘possessive’ at all. Saying someone has M.D.’s as opposed to MDs is not correct although some folks use it. I am really confused why this looks good to someone–what am I missing?



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