How to Get Kicked Out of a Facebook Group…

By Sandra Beckwith  on Build Book Buzz:

Many people like to get a fresh start in January by cleaning up and clearing things out.

Some make room for holiday gifts and purchases by donating, recycling, or tossing things they don’t wear or use anymore.

Others unsubscribe from email lists that no longer have value.

And still others vow to reduce the number of Facebook groups they participate in so they have more time for other activities.

If you need to spend less time in online discussions, here are 13 ways to ensure you get kicked out of a few groups. As a group moderator, I guarantee they will work.

13 Ways to Get Kicked Out of a Facebook Group



  1. Why not just leave the group rather than acting like an ass and ruining yourself?

    I get that this was a post to show folks what is not right behavior in Facebook groups, but WOW! 😊

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