Self-Hosting Bloggers Please Note – Setup Cloudflare To Work With WordPress Admin Pages…

By Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice:

Cloudflare needs a couple of special setup tweaks to work with WordPress

Almost all bloggers who use WordPress know that a fast and secure website is critical.

I know that many authors are now using WordPress to aid in book promotion, and with book covers images being typically resource hungry along with some social media and auto-posting plugins, speed should be a priority.

The best three ways to reduce loading times for a WordPress site are:

  • Use a caching plugin

  • Minify CSS and Javascript

  • Use a CDN

There are thousands of articles, reviews and opinions online regarding the choices of these three key elements, so I won’t go into any depth here in this article.

However, before I go on to setting up Cloudflare for WordPress, I should preface my advice by indicating what speed tools I am currently using on my site.

  • For caching, I use W3 Total Cache for browser and page caching.

  • For CSS and Javascript minification, Autoptimize has proven to be very reliable for me for years now.

Both are the free versions available form the WordPress plugin repository and work superbly together.

It is possible to minify with W3 Total Cache and it works perfectly. But I find that Autoptimize is a little better because I don’t have to make any setting adjustments when I add or delete plugins.

While these two plugins alone reduce page loading times extremely well and often result in near 100% results on some speed test sites, there remains a problem of distance.

My site server is in Geneva in Switzerland and it is very fast and reliable, especially for site visitors from Europe.

But for say, US visitors, there is a long distance for the site data to travel. This results in slightly slower page loading times in Canada, South Africa and Australia for instance.

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