27 Harsh Facts Every New Blogger Should Know About Blogging

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Thinking of starting a blog? Here are 27 harsh facts I’ve learned about the world of blogging since I started my blog in February 2014.

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  1. Blogging can become addictive and take over your life.
  2. You’ll probably lose touch with some friends because you won’t have the time to keep in touch with them anymore.
  3. Readers don’t find your blog, you have to find them.
  4. Just because somebody ‘liked’ your blog post, does not mean they read it.
  5. Just because somebody left a comment on your blog post, does not mean they read it.
  6. Blogging can seriously stress you out and make you feel guilty (if you allow it).
  7. You’ve more chance of winning the lottery jackpot, than one of your blog posts going viral.
  8. Over 81% of bloggers who want to make some money out of blogging, will never earn more than £100.
  9. Not everyone will agree with what you have to say.
  10. Not everyone will…

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20 thoughts on “27 Harsh Facts Every New Blogger Should Know About Blogging

  1. I found these to ALL be true. Blogging, following other’s blogs and keeping it all going can turn into a full-time occupation. And, it’s also true that a share, a like and a comment, does not mean that person read and enjoyed your blog. There are too many and you hit the highlights – what interests you and move one. Thanks for sharing this one, Chris.

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  2. I’m new to blogging, so this was really good to read – especially about getting little traffic in the first few months! I’m getting about seven likes per post at the moment but I’m hoping it will slowly creep upwards if I hold my nerve! Thankfully, as the blog is a family project, sharing my dad’s letters from his world travels in the 60s, it’s a genuine labour of love which is an incredible process for all of us – and which is giving him (and all of us) such pleasure to revisit so many amazing memories. So even if few others find it, we’ll still love making it!

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