9 Things Non-Book Lovers Just Don’t Understand…

by Natasha Orme

We’ve all been there. When a non-book lover makes a comment or just gives you a strange look.

In fact, I have a great story to share with you. I get the train to work – not for lack of a drivers’ license, it’s just easier all round. Winchester is a nightmare for parking and the station is ten minutes from my house. So I get the train.

When you do commute by train, you begin to recognise certain people who travel at the same time as you. Most of these people you’ll never speak to – us Brits don’t like nagging in conversation with strangers, it’s why we don’t make many friends…

Except there was this one guy who would start chatting to me. He was nice enough, it was harmless. The awkward joke of ‘I always see you on the train’ etc. and the occasionally time I had to sit next to him because there were no other seats.

Then there was the development to asking about holidays, plans for the weekend etc. and everything was fine.

One day, I get to the platform and, as standard, pull out a book – one of the best bits about commuting by train is the time to read! He approaches me and asks how I am, makes an awkward joke that he always sees me reading.

My response: I like books.

I like books? Really? That’s my answer? Honestly, it was one of those moments where I kick myself. Could I not have come up with anything better than ‘I like books’?!

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only conversation we have where he mentions my books.

Also can I take this opportunity that one of the worst things to do is to interrupt a book-lover whilst they’re reading a book. He didn’t seem to get this, and from his awkward conversation starters, my guess was he wasn’t a non-book lover trying to understand my weird book-loving ways.

The solution?

I changed trains. Yes, you heard correctly. I began avoiding him and got an early train to work.

But it got me thinking. Non-book lovers just don’t get us book-lovers, do they?

My other half can’t get his head around the fact that I want nothing more than a few uninterrupted hours of reading where I can curl up on the end of the sofa, drink my cup of tea and leave him to watch the football on his own.

So I thought for a bit a fun, I’d share this story with you and a list of all the things non-book lovers just don’t get. Let see how many of these you agree with…

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There’s no such thing as enough books


16 thoughts on “9 Things Non-Book Lovers Just Don’t Understand…

  1. I can’t begin to describe the level of comfort I receive from reading a book. In that time I set aside for myself, nothing else matters at all. I’m new to WordPress but I’m already loving the online book-loving community!

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  2. Nothing beats a good book. The best series that I have read in a while is Jeffrey Archer’s The Clifton Chronicles. You know when you have read a good book because you know that you could recommend it to everyone and anyone. As Wilkie Collins said ‘Make em laugh. Make em cry. Make em wait

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  3. Some of my colleagues are real chatterboxes – and absolutely no book lovers! Because they chat and babble and tell me a lot of nonsense I’m definitely not interested in while I’m desperately trying to read some pages during lunch break. 😉

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  4. Non-book lovers would never understand that books open a wonderful new world, full of people we can interact and connect with…they may be strangers but we still love them and remember them for a long time!

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