Easy Blogging for Authors: 10 Tips for a Successful Author Blog…

By Anne R. Allen

I’ve made some spectacular blunders in my blogging career.

But since we learn from our mistakes, I’ve got a boatload of information now.

As Ruth and I say: “We made the mistakes so you don’t have to.”

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8 thoughts on “Easy Blogging for Authors: 10 Tips for a Successful Author Blog…

  1. I love the first tip which is not to check stats or your Alexa score.
    I hadn’t heard of an Alexa score but was fairly sure I’d be worse than the 700 million of the author Anne cited. I was – completely unranked. But wait – all I had to do was get certified and Alexa would start ranking me. Yeah, right… well that ties in with numerous other tips Anne gives about things not to do.
    I assume an Alexa score is that voice gadget where you ask Alexa to do things like play your wake-up playlist. Nuff said.

    Rule one for Easy blogging for Authors – keep it simple.

    Great post from Anne. She’s invaluable 🙂

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