From Writing To Self-Publishing To Online Publishing…

by Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice site:

Writing naturally leads to self-publishing. And then?

As so many writers have discovered, self-publishing is a fantastic opportunity to get books published and available to readers all around the world.

Self-publishing, however, also involves a very long learning curve that requires the acquisition of so many skills. So long, in fact, that writing a book often seems to be the easiest part of the process.

Discovering that a book will not sell itself, new authors have to learn how to leverage the online world through social media, websites, blogs, advertising and promotion.

All of these require at least a basic technical knowledge, and for those authors who are willing and eager to learn, they develop very good Internet and technical knowledge.

In the process, many also discover that self-publishing leads them into online publishing. The two are by necessity intertwined.

To be able to get the word out to the world about a book, the best means at an author’s disposal is always blogging.

Writing articles that inform, entertain and attract attention is indispensable, as they are very easy to transmit to the world via social media and more importantly, are indexed by search engines.

Getting people to take notice of a book is not easy, but getting people to read an article about a book or books is far less difficult.

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