7 Reasons Why A Self-Published Book Fails To Sell…

by Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice:

Getting a self-published book to sell well is not easy

However, many self-published authors fail to give their books the best chance of success because they are in such a rush to publish that they overlook many of the basics.

In fact, quite a lot of authors new to self-publishing clearly get so many basic things backwards, upside down and back the front.

Getting a book or ebook published and available for sale on Amazon is the very last step in the process, and not the very first.

To give a new book any chance at success, a lot of planning, preparation and good old-fashioned hard work is needed before bringing a book to market.

It is the lack of this process that causes so many new authors to become disillusioned with self-publishing when they find book sales are very scarce indeed.

It is worth knowing that publishing a book, by any method or means, is always a gamble.

Big publishers bank on getting only a handful of the titles they publish each year to sell very well, and then hope that one or two will take off and hit the bestsellers. As for the many titles that fail, well, that is how the book publishing business works. It’s a gamble.

The same applies to self-published titles, and more than likely, at around the same percentage of success. Many will fail, while some will succeed.

To get a book toward the success end of the equation, taking the time to produce a great book, plan how to market and promote, build an online presence and define the book’s market appeal can only help.

If you can avoid the following 7 classic mistakes new authors make, then you will be giving your new book a far better chance of success.

Find out more at:

7 classic mistakes new authors make


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