A Tribute to Writers #ShareTheLove

by Sue Coletta

Writers inspire, arouse, support, and even enrage … but no one can call us boring. For our readers we’ve watched bodies decompose at the Body Farm, witnessed autopsies and the miracle of childbirth. We’ve delved into twisted minds and nearly drowned in swirling questions of Why? or What if? We’ve lifted fingerprints with black powder and horse-hair brushes, studied ballistics and death investigations, and cried with a mother who lost her child in a fatal car wreck or senseless shooting. We’ve rallied for justice, rejoiced for equality, encouraged diversity, and have come too close to death on more than one occasion.

Writers know the grass is never greener once we cross the street, nor are most situations ever black-and-white. The gray areas are where we shine. It’s where we ask, “What if this happened instead?” Or, “How could she be so cold?” Or, “How did the killer feel as the life drained from his victim?” We’re driven to seek the ultimate truth.

Our innate curiosity, and yes, our imagination, takes us to places some may fear to dwell, but it’s also why we’re able to escape the confines of this world and create. Writers reign where passion ignites, where heroes become family and villains threaten our very existence. The turmoil we create can turn deadly. Everyone plays with fire, and no one is ever truly safe. In our world, husbands and wives keep secrets, best friends can get you killed or jailed, and our pets age uber-slow — we can’t bear to say goodbye!

We writers immerse ourselves in dark places, dance under the moonlight, and frolic in worlds not yet imagined. We delve into the more menacing side of life, where criminals stalk the street, where serial killers justify their actions, even though in the real world their reasoning never really makes sense.

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A Tribute to Writers


6 thoughts on “A Tribute to Writers #ShareTheLove

  1. The foregoing is so true. When we get those ‘oh, I’m not good enough,’ blues, and we do…let’s think of the readers who HAVE BEEN intrigued, excited, titillated, uplifted, wowed (?) informed and maybe amused at some of our words. I love that thought: it connects us., even if readers are a bit naughty and don’t always write reviews. Onwards and upwards.

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