How To Market Your Book Online In Three Easy Steps…

By Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice:

There are no secret formulas about how to market and promote a book online

All you need is to have three base elements from which you can continue to build your online book promotion. In short, these three elements are a blog, social media and effective online promotion.

With these three pillars in place, you can attract attention, increase interaction, as well as get the message out about your books, but without spending hours and hours each day being a slave to book promotion.

The key to effective book marketing online is to use your time efficiently and make each one of the three pillars work for you, and not the other way around.

Writing your next book is far, far more important than spending hours each day on Facebook or Twitter, so let’s look at how you can achieve a balance between your writing time and marketing your books.

See Steps 1 to 3 HERE


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