Meet Guest Author, Elizabeth Blake Thomas…

Who am l? That used to be a difficult question to answer. l was a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, and an entrepreneur. There were so many choices. However, l feel very confident in my response now. l am a creator. l spend all day, every day, creating.

l live with my fifteen-year-old daughter and my Maltese dog called Chai in LA. We live on my boat. 

l don’t live a “normal” life and never have really. That’s not how it was in the beginning though. l believed 2.4 children, a Range Rover and private school were things to aspire to. During my twenties, l realised l wanted the polar opposite. l home-schooled my daughter, traveled as much as l could and lived a very frugal life.

l love my life and I’ve worked very hard to get here. l direct movies in my day-to-day job. I’ve written and directed kids films, teen films, and a Rom Com, as well as a film based on a true story about the orphanages in Romania. l love telling stories, through the written word as well as visuals. Every day l come up with a new idea and l write it in my book. l like to write with pen and paper as opposed to technology.

Writing my book “Arabella” was incredibly therapeutic. It was a way to get away from the chaos and heartache that was really going on in my life at the time. Finding out about my ex-husband’s extra-marital relationship was one of the hardest times in my life. l felt lost, let down and totally depressed. But l had a daughter and so I had a choice – l could either feel sorry for myself or l could get up off the floor, wipe myself down and get on with it. So that’s what l chose to do. Writing helped me deal with what was happening.

I approached Wallace Publishing via social media. Leesa emailed me back and our journey began there.

l can’t wait to start my book tour in 2018 and l am shooting the movie that is based on my book in December of 2018.

l believe in making the most out of life as we only have one go at it. l will try everything once and if anyone tells me “no,” then l prove them wrong and make it happen. In fact, the word “no” gives me huge amounts of strength.

l grew up in Derbyshire, England and attended an all-girls school, Derby High School, before heading to Loughborough University, where l studied English and Drama. l hated University. l never went to any classes. Instead l would run my own theatre company and be out earning money. Every time l returned after work, my boyfriend (who became my husband) would always borrow money off me. l was the only student who had money!

We moved to London and had our daughter Isabella. l knew l was going to have a girl. She started acting aged five, when she performed on Cbeebies, in a show called The Green Balloon Club. It was wonderful going to set with her and being part of this creative world. It was something l could help her with. We had this very special bond. That bond is still there to this day. We are best friends. Soul Mates.

My favourite pastime is to sit on my boat and read. The water is such a relaxing place and day-to-day concerns disappear. It’s also a great place to write. The creative juices flow.

l love to travel. I’m able to do this through my work as well as just having a passion for it. My daughter and l head off whenever we can. We have driven across America and visited forty-two states so far. Just getting in the car and heading off to wherever we can is a bit of a drug. We also attend film festivals around the world. Allowing us to melange our passion for creativity and the arts with travel and geography.

A couple of quirky facts about me are that l can’t stand it when people get the hiccups. Or when they eat near me or crack their bones! Yuck!

My favourite food is avocado. My favourite drink is Moroccan fresh mint tea with pine nuts and honey. My favourite place to go for a coffee and snack in LA is “Go Get ‘em Tiger.” l order the baby kale salad and a chai tea.

l wish l played the piano and danced.

l once told a TV show that l could ride a motorbike in order to get a job as an actress who had to ride the bike. l spent two days leading up to the shoot learning and practicing. Trouble was, it was icy on the road when we were shooting and l slipped and fell off the bike. l was VERY embarrassed.

Once, on the beach in LA, Gerard Butler told me l had a very nice bottom!

l hope you try reading my book, Arabella. It is based on a true story and features real-life events from my life. As such, reading it will not only entertain you but will also let you find out a little bit more about me.




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10 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author, Elizabeth Blake Thomas…

  1. Elizabeth! You are a dynamo! I imagine you’ll have few (if any) regrets when you leave this earth. I lived in L.A. for a decade one year 🙂 At least that’s how it felt. I now live in the Bay Area. From your description, I assume Arabella is fiction based on real-life events. What is the subgenre? Wishing you every success with your book and all other endeavors 🙂

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