Smart Author Podcast Launches with Four Episodes…

by Mark Coker  on Smashwords Blog:

The Smart Author Podcast kicked off today with the release of the first four episodes! 

Hosted by yours truly, The Smart Author Podcast guides writers step-by-step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics.

Think of it as a free masterclass in ebook publishing best practices.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend one of my recent classes at a writer’s conference, now’s your chance to do it from the comfort of your own home, car or wherever you enjoy listing to podcasts.

Over at the podcast hub page at Smashwords, I share the story behind the podcast.  I was also interviewed today on Tim Knox’s show talking about the podcast and other topics which you view over at YouTube.

I created the podcast to cut through the clutter and make ebook publishing easy again.

I’ll teach you practical, no-nonsense tips.  You’ll learn proven best practices that will work just as well five years from now as they work today.  These are the foundational evergreen best practices that every author needs to master.  You’ll learn the most important best practices in only a few hours.

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