Book Acknowledgments: Who’s in Your Village? … Who Are You Going to Thank?

by Judith Briles  on The Book Shepherd site:

Who’s in Your Book Creation Village? … Who Are You Going to Thank?

Everyone … That’s Who!

One of the last items on the book publishing “to do” list is to create the Acknowledgment Page … the Thank Yous to the team that assisted you in creating your baby. These are the people who got you here … don’t ignore them. Think in the narrative … let your readers know what your team did to get your book birthed. And check your spelling. If you are writing for an American audience, Acknowledgment is spelled without the “e” after the “g” … if an English or Canadian, use the “e”.

Let’s start with the obvious:

An Acknowledgment Page is not a Dedication Page—those are usually short, minimal words and don’t include an entire village. Acknowledgements are different.

Many authors start with their family and friends, and forget the designers, consultants, printers and anyone who was a massive encourage in getting their book done. Don’t.

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