Google and Chrome Search Tips and Tricks – Guest Post by John Maberry…

These tips apply to those using Chrome; they may not work on other browsers. Most are Google related. Maybe you know these already. If you do and have other tips you’d like to share, please consider adding them in the comments.

Searching for images. You see a picture somewhere, anywhere on the web. Maybe it’s in a news story or somebody’s blog. There’s no identification of where this scenic, odd or interesting photo came from.

  • Just right click on the image and a menu will pop up with at least three sets of options

  • The last option of set three is search Google for image

  • Click on that option and Google will provide a list of possible sites

Not only can you look for images already on the web, but you can also upload a photo and search for it. Note: You will only find it if it’s a popular image—some national park or monument, some attraction or image someone else has uploaded, etc. For example, we took a picture of Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park, Canada. I uploaded it and Google’s search result put Jaspar NP first on the list.

  • Open Google and click on the images tab

  • You will see a camera icon next to the voice icon

  • Click on it and you will have the option to enter a URL (if you already knew that, why would you need to search?!) or to upload an image

  • Upload the image and hit search.

For more on searching images, take some instructions directly from Google. They have a helpful video and clear graphics that I didn’t include here due to reduce space.

Searching for information on topics by word or description? There’s a quicker way than copying and pasting into the search block. It’s another right click option. Here’s my explanation; (Google itself doesn’t appear to have its own instructions yet). Say you’re reading a news article and it mentions some location you know nothing about. You see stories about vacationing in Bermuda, but you have no idea where it is. So let’s say you’re reading a travel piece that mentions it.

  • Select Bermuda

  • Right click on the selection and Google offers a search of it

  • Yes, this example will likely result in some articles about shorts but it will undoubtedly also list the island—just the same as if you copied and pasted into a search block but you saved that step

Got a link to a page in a foreign language? You probably know that you can get Chrome to translate the page or an item on it. Yes, the results are often less than stellar. You wouldn’t want to base a contract or investment on what they say. Nor use the results to put in your term paper. But for informal use, they can be handy. If Chrome doesn’t offer to translate without prompting, just follow the same selection and right click option for the other tips above. Since I speak English and my computer is set to render pages in English, that’s what I’m offered. If you are multilingual, you might have fun checking out how well Chrome does at translating.

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