Writing Workshop…Top Tips

Final Instalment of Esther’s great series, plus, links to all the previous episodes 😀


Now for the final installment in my writing workshop series. I’ve covered the short story ending as well as the opening.  I’ve guided you through dialogue and focused on the importance of taking time to do things properly. I’ve also given you a competitions refresher and some general advice on the art of the short story. The seventh instalment was about tips on writing humorous pieces and the eighth helped you with generating ideas. Then I turned to the art of copywriting followed by writing anniversary pieces. I’ve shown you how to generate more ideas – but in a different way and covered the true-life story. I’ve argued that you can write anywhere and last week looked at how to please an editor My final tips concern my favourite form of writing – the short story:

Sizzling Story Ideas

Short stories in magazines always seem…

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4 thoughts on “Writing Workshop…Top Tips

  1. Hi Chris … it’s great that you highlight Esther’s writing workshop series; she’s ‘been there – done it.’ I have the good fortune and privilege to work with her as my editor … Esther doesn’t miss a thing yet let’s me write as me, well almost! … I simply couldn’t work with anyone else. Eric.

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