USA Sales Tax Basics for Indie Authors…

by Helen Sedewick  on Bookworks site:

In her last post, Carla King advised writers how to avoid paying sales tax twice on their own books. The key is to obtain a resale certificate, sometimes called a reseller’s permit. Once you provide proof of your resale certificate to CreateSpace, IngramSpark, or another POD provider, you won’t have to pay sales tax on books you buy with the intent to resell.

There is a flip side to saving taxes—when you resell the books you are required to pay sales taxes on the books sold, although you may collect it from buyers.

Calculating sales tax is ridiculously complex considering we are talking nickels and dimes here. Even I hate it, and I am used to nit-picky forms. While I can’t make the sales tax headache disappear, maybe I can make it easier for writers. I’ve hit the highlights below.

Sales Tax Basics for Indie Authors



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