Cruelty to Books- Guest Post

Kerrie has a Guilty Secret 😀

comfy reading

by Alison Brodie
I love books more than anything … but after reading this you, dear reader, are going to think I am telling a porkie pie.
Have you heard of the RSPB – the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds?  Well, if there was an RSPN (Royal Society for the Protection of Novels) I would be in front of a judge and jury tomorrow.
Right.  I am going to admit it, even though all you book lovers will hate me.
I am cruel to books.
I snap their spines (usually by accident, cos I’m eager to see the pages better).  I don’t stack them neatly on the shelves (What shelves? I don’t have any shelves left). I pile books in teetering towers in corners, on the floor by the loo, on window sills, and by my bed.
You know that piece of art by Tracey…

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4 thoughts on “Cruelty to Books- Guest Post

  1. Now that I am guilty of. I double stack them on the bookshelves and if there’s a gap at the top I’ll stuff in flat what ever book will fit, then there’s the top of the bookcase, I’ll stack books up there, It causes the shelves to bow and sometimes I think it’s the books holding the bookcases up, and yes in piles in corners of rooms..I do try not to crease the spines, though not always successful. And right now I’m being particularly cruel – a house purchase fell through back in August just before a move date so other than a small TBR pile all my books are are still boxed up – not good but with thousands of books it took me months to pack them so I’m blowed if I’m going to unpack them as I am still house hunting.

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  2. A very charming and very guilty cruelty to books as charged. However, books love being read and I think they really don’t mind at all. They are loved and are not alone in a bookcase somewhere. If anyone is guilty, it is me. I am an overly neat, overly organized, clutter free fanatic, considering my penchant for “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” mentality. I think I will take a couple of my favorite books and put them on my bedside table, neatly, of course. 🙂

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