Are You a Swan? How to Overcome Book Marketing Overwhelm…

By Belinda Griffin  on The Book Designer:

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Have you ever had so much to do you don’t feel able to do anything at all? Ever felt so busy with book marketing that your head starts to spin and you need to lie down? I can assure you, sleeping doesn’t help cross anything off the to do list, but it can temporarily still the mind.

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t know where to begin or you’re drowning in the number of tasks you’ve started. Any author learning to market their books can feel confused and like they’re running out of time, fighting fires and trying to keep a hundred plates spinning.

And why are you putting yourself through this torment? Because somewhere along the way you’ve been led to believe that if you don’t keep all those plates spinning your book will never sell.

Yes, book marketing is important. But overwhelm and burnout don’t need to be a part of the deal.

What kind of author are you?

As I see it, in simple terms, there are three types of authors when it comes to book marketing:

  1. The (not-so-blissfully) ignorant

  2. The swan

  3. The overwhelmed and burnt out

Let me explain each of these.

Type 1

Type 1 author has been living in a cave while busy writing their book. That’s okay, caves are great places to retreat to when you need to get the words down. But emerging with a completed manuscript and expecting it to sell itself, even if it is pure genius, is delusional.

There’s not a whole lot to be done about the ignorant author (and to be clear, I mean ignorant to the importance of book marketing, not generally ignorant). They will find us when they’re ready. If you happen to know one, be sure to give them a nudge and suggest they think about book marketing before they publish.

Type 2

Type 2, the swan, is the author who has book marketing all figured out. To the outsider everything they do seems effortless – the witty and thought-provoking posts on multiple social channels, the regularly updated blog, the frequent speaking engagements and bestselling books.

How do they do it? Well, those feet pedaling madly beneath the surface tell the true story. They may be organized, but marketing still requires plenty of effort and they probably didn’t always find it so easy. Be wary of comparing yourself to authors who are further along their journey and are therefore more experienced and remember you can never know another author’s personal challenges.

Type 3

Finally we come to type 3. This author is jumping from one marketing tactic to the next, juggling desperately in the hope of keeping up with All. The. Things. Unlike type 1 they know the success of their book depends on them getting a handle on marketing, but unlike type 2 it doesn’t fall into place, they simply don’t know what to focus on. Sound familiar? This author is seriously frazzled, but some simple action steps will help them overcome overwhelm.

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