3 Ways to Get Publicity For Your Book…

By Jane Tabachnick  on The Book Designer:

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Your success as an author is dependent on getting in front of as many potential readers and prospects as possible.

There are many strategies that should be part of your promotional plan to help you accomplish this, and one of the most important ones is publicity. The combined benefit of free exposure from a trusted source that publicity can offer can be priceless.

Three Ways Authors Can Get Publicity

The challenge for authors is figuring out which way to get their publicity handled. There are three ways to get publicity for your book.

Most authors think there are only two options:

  1. Hiring an expensive public relations (PR) firm
  1. Do It Yourself

There is however a third option which is a hybrid method; let’s call it

  1. DIY PR with Outsourcing

It’s where you manage the PR yourself and outsource different aspects of your publicity initiative; many authors and entrepreneurs don’t realize that there are aspects or PR tasks that you can outsource – it’s not an all or nothing proposition with the right team.

Find out more at:

Three PR methods and how they compare


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