Special Announcement From Mosen Consulting

Special Announcement for Sight Impaired authors, bloggers and readers 😃
Use this link to go to Mosen Consulting, for full details.

Campbells World

Mosen Consulting is pleased to announce the availability of “iOS 11 Without the Eye”, second edition.
If you’ve not yet purchased this comprehensive guide to iOS 11 from a blindness perspective, now running at around 44,000 words, you can purchase it here.
If you already own the first edition, the second edition is free, using the instructions we sent out by email when you made your purchase.
Simply enter your name, email address and unique PayPal transaction number for the purchase into the form at our Product Redownload Centre. You’ll then be taken to a page where you can download the new edition.
The most significant change is an extended chapter on iPhone X. There’s more information in the chapter on Accessibility, Animoji is further described in the iMessage chapter, and there are a few stylistic changes caused by me being bored with my own writing having read it too…

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