How to use Authentic Historical Detail to Trigger Emotions and Memories in Your Reader…

by Ruth Harris  on Anne R. Allen site:

Beyond Nostalgia: authentic historical detail from fads, trends, and headlines can help you write books readers will relate to.

Writers of historical fiction, whether Regency, Middle Ages, Victorian use the markers of the era—clothes, furniture, manners, leaders, resisters, war, peace, prosperity, recession—to create character, conflict, and plot.

Writers of fiction set in more contemporary times can use these powerful assets to add depth and texture as well. Adding authentic historical detail to novels will trigger a rich web of personal memories and associations. Those will engage readers in an emotionally profound way.

From the dot-com bubble of 2000 to the housing crisis of 2007, from passing fads to mega trends, the social and cultural settings of a story give us ways to draw readers into our stories. From fidget spinners, Beanie Babies and hula hoops to Madonna, Madoff and Zuckerberg, each specific detail evokes personal memories.

Each detail gives your characters memorable, relatable backdrops in which to act out their dilemmas, challenges, setbacks and successes.

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Using Authentic Historical Details




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