What To Do Now WordPress Have Deleted The ‘Press This’ Sharing Button

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I never believed I would say these words to you but, if you have the ‘Press This’ sharing button on your blog, remove it now! Why? Because it no longer works, and anyone clicking on it will get an error message.

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I was a big fan of the WordPress ‘Press This’ sharing button. In fact, it was recommended to me a few years ago by a WordPress member of staff. The person in question was shocked by how many of us were still using the reblog button rather than ‘Press This’ to share the posts of other bloggers.

According to the WordPress Happiness Engineer, I chatted with on Saturday morning, they disabled the ‘Press This’ sharing button to prevent phishing attempts. I had a long hard think about this and do recall a few occasions where some of my posts had been shared via “Press This’ on blogs that included very little…

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22 thoughts on “What To Do Now WordPress Have Deleted The ‘Press This’ Sharing Button

  1. When I really like the post enough to re-blog it, I just copy and paste the entire post, as written, and add the URL.

    When I cannot do that, I just copy the heading and URL given in the email post.

    Either way I share it in some way, because if I don’t re-blog, I share on social media.

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    • Better to state where the post comes from, e.g., Someone Else’s Blog Name, then copy and paste only the introduction part of it, Patty, then either, state something like ‘To Continue Reading, CLICK HERE’ in caps (and embed the link into CLICK HERE), or just give the whole link as you’ve been doing.
      The advantage of embedding the link into the phrase ‘CLICK HERE’, is that you can select to have the page open in a new tab or window, thus making it easy for your readers to return to your blog aft closing off the linked to post ❤️


  2. This has me confused… Not that I am any different than anyone else. I did go to the link at the top of your page here, Chris. It is going to take me a minute to understand it all. (deep sigh) All I know is that I shall conquer my fears and end WP running for the hills!

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    • Unfortunately, my iPad WP admin settings – Writing – doesn’t show the Press This they mention, however, when I used my Mac, I scrolled down, found it, clicked, held and dragged it up into my browser favourites okay. – Good Luck with it, Annette ❤️

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  3. Thank you for this information! I have removed the offending item – and as a bonus, while I was in my “admin” I finally found out how to remove the annoying “star ratings” section too! [Does a little happy dance and exits, stage left…] 🙂

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