Stick with Me, Kid – Guest Post by, Annette Rochelle Aben …

If you were to see how we do this in our house, you’d get a giggle. I live with my siblings and each of us is, shall we say, in our advancing years. In plain language, we are each beyond 55 but this side of eternity. We have our own rooms, beds, and toilets (TMI but hey) and we each have something else that is ours alone, we each have our own peanut butter jars. That’s right, there is NO sharing of the creamy spread in this house. Why? Because, that’s why!

I believe it stems from the fact that when I moved into the house, my sister was already here. She eats what I refer to as imitation peanut butter, the stuff they market as having “more real peanut taste’ and I eat the natural stuff that is only peanuts and salt. Hers can be kept at room temperature, while mine, needs to be refrigerated after opening. Hers can be scooped out on the end of a tooth pick while a toothpick wouldn’t hold enough of mine to feed an ant. Neither of us would be caught eating the other’s peanut butter. I do not eat sugar (which is an ingredient in her brand) and she thinks mine has the texture of… well I won’t go there.

Now, add my brother to the mix. When he moved in, his jarred butter of choice was almond butter. (there’s one in every family)

Well, as each of us was doing our own grocery shopping, things were going along just fine for a few weeks. Us gals would buy our peanut butter and the man of the house would bring home that other stuff. That is, until the day I noticed a brand of peanut butter that neither of us ladies ate, was sitting on the counter. It had a brand name, like my sister’s favorite but it was the natural version I enjoyed. It was as though our brother had found the best of both worlds.

Out of mutual respect, we simply never invade each other’s jars, it’s more sanitary that way. I mean if someone wanted to double dip or simply swipe with a finger (don’t judge). There is something sacred about knowing that regardless of who ate the last egg in the carton or emptied the mustard container and stuck it back in the fridge, we shall each be completely responsible for our own peanut butter habits.

It’s cool, because there’s even a special time set aside for us every year, as November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month.

Guess some people NEED a reason…

Annette Rochelle Aben


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48 thoughts on “Stick with Me, Kid – Guest Post by, Annette Rochelle Aben …

  1. I don’t know if this was intended to be funny, but I sure got a kick out of it! When I was visiting my sister in PA, I bought my own dip for chips. I don’t “chip ‘n dip” very often, but I didn’t trust that my nephew and brother-in-law weren’t double-dipping. I also prefer natural organic peanut butter. Do all of you eat all different foods? Do you have enough cupboards? Your frig must huge, girlfriend! Loved this 🙂 ♥

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    • Heck yeah, peanut butter may be serious business in our household but it is a riot to view us from the outside. I have to say that I eat radically different than my sibs. And yes, we have 2 refrigerators and a stand alone freezer. Also, each of us has separate dry goods cupboards. Mine here, his there and hers over there. It wasn’t meant to be mean, it was just the way my sister and I could ensure we would always know where our groceries were when we needed them. Didn’t have to dig through someone else’s stuff. It’s all good. And I must say that I am rubbing off on them. Each day, they are getting more organic foods in their diets, because I am cooking for them. Also, once in awhile, I get a vegetarian or vegan meal in them and they LOVE it! But I have to say that I they get me to eat a piece of meat now and again. Like corned beef. It’s all good. 🙂

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  2. That’s so funny. It’s even funnier, because I bought a rare jar of peanut butter yesterday. Rare, because I know what happens to it. It disappears. There’s nobody else in the house to eat it but me, yet somehow, it;’s already nearly empty. There’s just no point in buying it more often. 🙂

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