Do you know how to spot Scam Websites?

Great advice from Jean 😀

Jean's Writing

Spooky time of year, Halloween.

So watch out for goblins. Don’t let them latch on to your computer.

That’s right, Scammers want to trick you into opening the door. Don’t! Be careful and be aware. Keep those buggers out.

If you are unsure what to look for click and read this post by Daniel Nations.

How to Recognize Scam Websites Learn how to protect your identity anywhere online by Daniel Nations

Here is what I learned about how to avoid a Scammers trick. 

  1. Google is my friend…
    • Google an email link before clicking.
    • Google and research any link from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media.
  2. Even if the website seems legit…
    • check for spelling errors.
    • look for contact information
    • Find a privacy statement?
  3. As seen on…
    • Anyone can make this claim
  4. Trust…
    • Again, anyone can copy a seal of approval or trust security seal.
  5. Fake website address...
    • Is…

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