How do I make a change to my KOBO ebook after it is published?

If YOU have a book on KOBO

Bookmark or reblog their original blog post

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Kobo Writing Life

By Stephanie McGrath

You have successfully published your book and it is now live on our store. Congratulations! However, you notice a typo that needs immediate attention. What do you do?

Whether it is a content change, metadata update or price change, you can make changes to a published title at any time. To do this please follow the steps below:

How to Make a Metadata Change

1. Sign into your Kobo Writing Life account. (


2. On on the homepage select “eBooks” to see your catalogue of titles.


3. Select the title you would like to update.


4. You will be automatically directed to the “Describe your eBook” page.


5. Make any metadata changes you wish to make.

6. If you want to make more changes to other parts of the book select “Save and continue”. If not, select “Save and return to your Library”.


How to Make a…

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4 thoughts on “How do I make a change to my KOBO ebook after it is published?

  1. Would suggest change title “make change to e-book” as there will be fees for change print-on-demand and regular book stock would be changed in 2nd or 3rd edition also with fees. Since I don’t do e-book as of now , therefore the article would not help me and I would not read it but I have bookmarked the post just in case I will do e-book in future. Change in title as e-book would also help people to find this article if they needed it instead of endlessly googling titles for this specific information. Would also benefit by adding a review as what is KOBO. I never heard of it.

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    • Points taken, Carl – that’s the problem with reblogging – we’re stuck with the original blog title, which is also automatically uploaded to other media – any subsequent changes to the title will only be reflected on my blog and Twitter 😎

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      • I posted on author’s post from which you reblogged too. Imagine having to make text changes in 10 Commandments(Moses woulda been pissed but he broke the first copy anyway) and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Sheesh. Things were actually set in stone for sure ! In my case I get furious with myself when I have do redraw a cartoon after spotting a spelling error in the gag line or balloon especially after I have proof read that single sentence a million times. It can take several hours. The coloring is tedious.

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