Hate – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce…


I can hate broccoli
I can hate a cat screeching into a dark night
I can hate what man does to man
But I could never hate another man
I can feel his pain
I can have distain for what he stands for
I can hate what he does to others
But I could never hate the man himself
I talk of love, not of hate
But do not applaud me
I learned what I know
I learned what I feel from another
He taught me, he taught me good
He taught me hate is not the way
He taught me the way of love
He died for me … he died for you
He lived and died to teach us the way of love

Andrew Joyce Website


USA  –  UK  –  Canada  –  Australia

8 thoughts on “Hate – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce…

  1. One of my favorite statements is from Jim Hendrix
    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

    Love out ‘Trumps’ hate any day. Thanks Andrew for sharing, it is beautiful.

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