Remember when you read a book for the First Time?


16 thoughts on “Remember when you read a book for the First Time?

  1. I jump into the book the instant it’s in my hands because the devastation of reading it too quickly and being faced with the void left by the absence of characters I’ve come love and rely on is future me’s problem. Future me and past me don’t have a great relationship

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  2. I can SO identify with this girl. I have at least three books on my shelf that I’ve deliberately put off reading, because I don’t want to be finished with them. 😯 Two are series enders, and I can hardly stand the thought that the entire series will be over when I read them. I really need to get a grip on this silliness and read the dang books! (What if I get mauled by a pack of wild hyenas tomorrow, go to my final reward never knowing how it all ends?? Yeah, I realize hyenas don’t regularly prowl the streets of Sanford, Florida, so the chances are pretty slim. But still. Eeeeek.)

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  3. The cartoon has me thinking how different a volume of poetry is from prose. Or, for that matter, a novel is from short stories or non-fiction. Poetry you can dip back into repeatedly and it should also have something new in a way the others don’t.

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