DesignEvo: How to Easily Design Stunning Blog Logos for Free…

Article by Janice Wald  on Mostly Blogging site:

A well-designed and effective logo is a necessity for every business, since it is almost the first thing customers see. Good logos always catch eyes, that’s why lots of people always tend to look for a professional designer to grab them one.

However, getting a good logo design is not easy. It may cost large bucks and take a long time. With the idea to simplify the cumbersome logo design process and reduce cost, PearlMountain Limited, a professional graphic software developer, released its new product—DesignEvo. It is an online logo design tool, that helps people create unique and professional logos effortlessly.

If you are interested in design and love to do-it-yourself rather than paying for a professional logo designer, then DesignEvo is the perfect solution for you.

Find out more at:

DesignEvo Online

Before re-blogging Janice’s post, I tried the programme out and made the following Fun Logo in just a few minutes:

Logo made with DesignEvo



13 thoughts on “DesignEvo: How to Easily Design Stunning Blog Logos for Free…

  1. Hi Chris,
    First of all, thank you for the reblog. Exciting to see. I will share on my social media after work.
    Next, your ape logo looks fantastic, creative, and fun!
    I am getting traffic from your site today. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

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