Want to Increase Your Blog Readership? Kill that Popup!!!

by Anne R. Allen

Studies tell us the popup is the most hated form of marketing on the Web.

A popup is the contemporary version of those phone calls that used to interrupt your life just as you were sitting down to a family dinner. The ones that tried to get you to change your phone provider or buy a “pre-need” burial plot from an annoying stranger instead of digging into that lasagna.

Yeah. They’re that irritating. And that unlikely to succeed.

Here’s what the marketers at 10Twelve Marketing Agency said about popup ads in their April 2017 blogpost “Seriously. Knock it off with the Pop-Up Ads.”

Kill That Popup


Legal Regulations require an ‘EU Cookie Law Banner’ pop-up be displayed by bloggers who live within the EU Countries.

This is not an Advert.

This banner can be dismissed by clicking on it, scrolling the page, or timing it out (I set mine to time-out after 10 seconds)

8 thoughts on “Want to Increase Your Blog Readership? Kill that Popup!!!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I didn’t know about the EU cookie popups. I’m in the US so I guess i don’t see them. As long as they don’t block the whole page, I guess they’re probably tolerable. But it’s the subscription ones that make no sense.

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