Do you Prefer “Click” or “Brick” Learning?


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Savvy and successful authors know that the publishing and marketing worlds keep changing. And they know that they have to “invest” into CEs—continuing education. Sometimes it can be done under their roofs; other times, in person.

I have 8 questions for you:

  1. Would you like more book sales?
  2. Would you like to know some awesome short cuts to get your next book out that are free?
  3. Would you like to cement yourself as a key influencer in your genre / your expertise?
  4. Would you like to start making more money with your words?
  5. Would you like to get a sponsor for your book?
  6. Are you feeling a tad confused or overwhelmed with the tsunami of online options offering to create, sell and market your books?
  7. Would you like to be rejuvenated with ideas that resonate with what you and what your personal vision is?
  8. And, if you are like me, would you like to not waste your time, energy and money?

I can answer YES to all of the above. As much as I know about book marketing … there’s always something else … something new and improved.

The reality is: when you enter this thing called publishing, it’s a never-ending story. There is always new ideas and strategies for book marketing; for how to be this and how to be that. Most likely, you are bombarded with pitches online for “stuff” to get to enhance yours. And you buy it, never looking at it.

Online has become the infomercial world of marketing—marketing anything—and authors and writers are a key target. I know … count me in the mix. I’ve sat in on more webinars; read more articles; and I have clicked away. And I confess, I’ve bought “stuff” that I’m clueless where it went; what computer file it’s hiding in; or if it’s really relevant today. How about you?

In person events have a different twist. A plus is I’m away from the office a few days; which is sometimes a negative. I like the personal interaction and face-to-face time. And sometimes, the intensity can be an overwhelm—so much information at once.

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