Dialogue: It Matters!!!

Writing your first novel-Things you should know

real-life-is-sometimes-boring-rarely-conclusive-and-boy-does-the-dialogue-need-work-quote-1I am doing yet another blog on dialogue. It’s one of the most important parts of your novel and will lead to your downfall if not done correctly.

A few important things to keep in mind when writing dialogue:

  • Dialogue is not real speech. It is the illusion of real speech.  Your dialogue should not be wordy or too formal-unless you’re talking to your boss or doing a presentation. Think about how you talk to friends and family. You don’t always use complete sentences. You trip over each other. Sometimes you don’t even get your complete thoughts out because of the constant interruptions.
  • With dialogue, you can choose your words more carefully. When we speak to people, we may  think, I wish I had said this or that, or I wish I had said that differently. Well in Dialogue you can.  Edit your words to say just…

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5 thoughts on “Dialogue: It Matters!!!

  1. I find dialogue difficult because it can differ from character to character and not all characters interact the same. How do we adjust the dialogue to go along with a character when they change who they’re talking too or decide to change their dialogue because they change how they are speaking from one moment to the next? It takes a lot of effort for me.

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  2. When talking to the vicar we mind our p’s and q’s. We are careful with what is pronounced & we clearly enunciate, formalise our speech. When we are angry with lawn mower we stamp our foot and roar. We shout playfully at children to close the bloomin door. When we want to be loved we speak a different way, we may be humble and amusing our voice more gentle than before. “Come into the parlour take a seat I’ll close the door.’ … *sigh*
    Do you think that is what was meant?

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