You Asked: How do I Prepare For My First Book Signing

Great advice from Sheila 👍😃


I ‘ve been asked, by a friend, to speak to her literary group about my newly released short story collection, Maybe Next Time.
I’ll admit I felt a bit of trepidation upon receiving the invite. I was excited about sharing my work, but a little nervous, but then decided, why not?

I will be speaking about my book, the inspiration for the stories, the Cow Pasture Chronicles and share one of the stories from my collection. It’s a small group and a good opportunity to get my feet wet in the realm of book signings. However, I knew little about being on this side of the table. So, I ask the experts.

How to Prepare for a Book Signing:

  1. Find out from the person/locale what they’re looking for from you. Do they want you to speak? Read an excerpt? Or, is it simply a platform they’re offering to promote your…

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