How To Use ‘Press This’ On WordPress #bloggingtips

NOTE: If you press the chevron/arrow to the right of the blue Publish button, you will also have the option to save as a draft – as such, you can schedule when your ‘reblog’ is to be posted.
Self hosted WP bloggers please note – ‘Press This’ is similar to the White Crown on Blue background given as part of the SumoMe Plugin, but will only post to WP. 😎

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I stopped reblogging blog posts months ago. In fact, I wish I’d never started using the reblog button. Why? Because of the fantastic little feature WordPress call ‘Press This’. But, what is ‘Press This’, where can you find it, and how do you use it?

‘Press This’ is an alternative way to reblogging. It’s like reblogging a post, but you can do so much more with it than you can when using the reblog button. It does take a little more time to set up, but that’s because it’s more than just about pressing a button and then moving on. For quickness, reblogging a post is perfect. However, if like me you have made the most out of reblogging (click here to read the post) then you can easily make up the extra time it takes in setting up a ‘Press This’ share.

The ‘Press This’ button can be found…

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11 thoughts on “How To Use ‘Press This’ On WordPress #bloggingtips

  1. Thanks Chris… very interesting to me as I lost the reblog button on my blog today. Happiness Engineers were unable to bring me Happiness, sadly. Diving over to Hugh’s now to read up on Press This, having had a play with it this am it looks like it could be a much better option than re-blogging anyway. 😊

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