How To Use ‘Press This’ On WordPress #bloggingtips

NOTE: If you press the chevron/arrow to the right of the blue Publish button, you will also have the option to save as a draft – as such, you can schedule when your ‘reblog’ is to be posted.
Self hosted WP bloggers please note – ‘Press This’ is similar to the White Crown on Blue background given as part of the SumoMe Plugin, but will only post to WP. 😎


11 thoughts on “How To Use ‘Press This’ On WordPress #bloggingtips

  1. Thanks Chris… very interesting to me as I lost the reblog button on my blog today. Happiness Engineers were unable to bring me Happiness, sadly. Diving over to Hugh’s now to read up on Press This, having had a play with it this am it looks like it could be a much better option than re-blogging anyway. 😊

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