Smorgasbord Pet Health – Cars and Dogs – Are you breaking UK driving laws?

Whatever country you live in, please check the laws regarding pets in your vehicle – if in doubt, ensure they are secured and cannot distract you.
ALSO – Please do NOT leave them unattended in vehicles during hot weather – even if the window is open / the motor and air conditioner is on and you’re only going to be gone for a few minutes!

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We have all seen the funny videos of dogs in cars with their heads out the windows or through the sunroof, but in the UK there is a driving law that states that a driver must restrain all animals in a vehicle appropriately.

I know that not all of us have an estate car or hatchback but even if we do, a small dog can be flung from the back into the back passenger seats and even front seats with enough force to kill someone. Which is why it is important that you install some form of dog barrier across that area. If your dog is travelling in the back seat of the car then you can buy a harness that slips around their body and through a seat belt. This is not just to protect them if there should be an accident but for you safety too.

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